We provide following services:
  • spare parts' remanufacturing
  • heating systems' repair
  • selling new and interchangeable components
  • shipment throughout the EU via courier companies
  • help and assistance in fixing problems concerning heating systems.
Remanufacturing of the spare parts is done meticulously as we exchange components of parts which wear off and can be the reason for the technical defect. Additionally, everyone remanufactured blower motor and control unit also undergo test quality. Hence, we are able to offer our clients checked quality and reliable products only. Our long time experience and professionalism, as well as the fact that we use the best materials available allow us to guarantee high reliability. Our remanufactured spare parts are of the similar quality as the oryginal ones. Moreover, their price and appearance make the offer more attractive, allowing for savings on the part of the client as well as attracting more customers who are not willing to overpay. In order to optimize the working time and the recources, we mainly sell the new and remanufactured components by mail order. The spare parts which are to be remanufactured and heating systems which are to be repaired ought to be sent to us by post or by courier companies to the address which is given below.
Broken parts which are to be remanufactured are generally changed for the ready-made remanufactured parts which we have in stock.

In case of the heating systems repair we first diagnose the problem and estimate the costs of repair. Next, we contact the client in order to present him the costs. If the client accepts the costs, we repair the heating system and send it back to the client.
Apart from that we help our customers to solve the problems concerning the heating systems. We strive to find the reason of the defect and offer the best possible way to eradicate the defect as well as to avoid a similar problem to occur in the future.