The components from our offer are tested in terms of quality. We take care for our products to meet the highest standards.  For this reason, we offer tested products and cooperate with the best suppliers. Additionally, the majority of our products - mainly blower motors and control units - is backed by the quality guarantee. The guarantee for new oryginal products is provided according to specific conditios laid down by the producers. However, for our remanufactured parts we offer a 12-months guarantee and for the remanufactured burners produced by Webasto we give a 6-months guarantee (a guarantee for new Webasto burners is not provided).
In order to receive a guarantee the customer ought to present a proof of purchase as well as:
- in case of oryginal new heating systems and components: a warranty cart or warranty sticker
- in case of heating systems and remanufactured components as wel as interchangeable components - a warranty seal, a warranty sticker or stamped numbers which cannot be removed under the threat of losing guarantee.
The guarantee starts on the day of the purchase/ the delivery of the product on the basis of an invoice.
Should you wish to issue a complaint we ask you to contact us in order to verify the problem. Only then will you be asked to fill in the attached Complaint Form and send it back to us along with the product you wish to complain about.