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We specialize in providing the best possible solutions available on the market as far as the repair process of Webasto and Eberspacher heating systems is concerned. We aim at optimizing our working time and our recoures. What is more, due to our expertise and experience we are able to offer products of the greatest quality at optimum price. Because our customers' satisfaction is the pivotal point of our company, we strive to maintain first-rate quality of our products and services, as well as to present our customers with the most satisfactory solutions.
      We specialize in:
  • new components and interchangeable components' sale
  • remanufacturing of the heating systems' components
  • heating systems' repair
  • shipment throughout the EU
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About us

Our company's main effort is the spare parts' sale which are used in the heating systems made by Webasto and Eberspacher.  Many years of experience and knowledge allow us to offer our products for customers from the EU.


We try to provide our customers with the
best possible solutions, which means
finest quality at a lowest price. We do
our best to offer the finest products and
our goal is to satisfy the needs of our
clients and a very good cooperation.


We provide remanufacturing of spare
parts as well as heating systems' repair.
Remanufacturing of the spare parts is
done meticulously as we exchange every
component of the part which wear out and
can be the reason of the technical defect.


E-mail: info@bonest.pl
Phone: +48 736 532 898
21-560 Międzyrzec Podlaski
Jelnica 71