Our company's main effort is the spare parts' sale which are used in the heating systems produced by Webasto and Eberspacher. Not only we do offer to remanufacture the components of the products but also to repair the heating systems as such and ship them to a given location. We provide oryginal as well as remanufacturedand spare parts. With our ample experience, our knowledge, our business contacts but, most of all, with our outstanding offer, we strive to reach clients from all European countries.
We try to provide our clients with the best possible solutions, which means finest quality at a lowest price. That is why, our products are tested before being sold. What is more, all our products are monitored while in circulation in order for us to be able to improve them or to substitute those which do not meet the standards of long-term use.
Our offer is directed towards big transport companies as well as haulage vehicle servicing and repairs. At the same time, we provide our services to smaller companies, especially those which do not have the opportunity of purchasing spare parts at wholesale prices. To lesser extent, we also repair and provide components of the heating systems used in passenger cars.
Our prerogative is to provide our clients with reliable remanufactured spare parts as well as interchangeable components which, when compared to more available and much more expensive oryginal parts, present an alternative choice as far as their price is concerned. Additionally, to meet the expectations of our most demanding clients we endeavaour to guarantee a highly varied offer as well as an opportunity to purchase our spare parts at optimal prices. We do our best to offer the finest products on the market as it is our goal to satisfy the needs of our clients and to guarantee a very good cooperation.
We look forward to working with you!