Generally purchase of remanufactured parts is very easy.  It is enough to pack the parts up and send to us for remanufacturing.  We will manage to do all the rest.
We sell the remanufactured components only after we receive the broken parts sent to us by the client.  However, in certain circumstances we may send some of the remanufactured components (at a slightly higher price) without the need to send the broken parts to us.  Such a solution is possible if we have a large amount of a given component in stock.  In that case feel free to send us e-mail with an order.  In return, we will send you a pro forma invoice and wait for the confirmation of the payment to send the components to a given address.

The components sent to us for remnufacturing have to contain all elements available on the purchase and the unbroken outer plastic structures mustn't be fractured or melted.  Along with the components sent for remanufacturing the client ought to include contact details, details needed for invoice as well as for shipment.
How to buy step by step:
  •  Send a parcel with broken parts addressed to: BONEST Bogdan Nestorowicz, 21-560 Miedzyrzec Podlaski, Jelnica 71, POLAND, Phone +48 736 532 898.
  •  Place inside the parcel (together with the broken parts) your company details, shipping address, contact telephone number and e-mail address.
  •  In case of ordering some new parts, place inside the parcel a list with new parts which you need.
  •  After receiving and verification of broken parts we send by e-mail pro forma invoice (in Euro)
  •  We wait for money transfer into our bank account as shown on the pro forma invoice.
  •  After payment completed we send the parts by courier company.
  •  In about 3 working days the courier delivers the goods to your place.

In case of any doubts or questions we are always willing to help.